Saturday, September 4, 2010

Send My Love to Beijing

In the design world, Fashion Week is an event of great esteem in the industry. Designers work to show off their collections and buyers come to take note of the new trends each season. The most well known Fashion Week events are held in New York, Milan, London, and Paris. However, many other cities hold Fashion Weeks of their own to showcase what's "in" and reveal what's "out" for the season.

While the Fashion Week of Beijing is one of the lesser known in the industry, the designers and artists are definitely some of the most creative. Whimsical construction merges with classic silhouettes to create looks that remain relevant years after they premier. Some of the designs are very fantasy driven and can be construed as "costume," however, these lighthearted and beautiful designs are an inspiration.






(Source: China Daily)


(source: People's Daily Online)

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Gentle Barn

About thirty miles north of Los Angeles there is a barn where wonderful things are happening. The Gentle Barn in Santa Clarita offers a home and rehabilitation to farm animals that have been severely abused and neglected. They work to rehabilitate the animals and to give them a loving environment where they can flourish.

The Gentle Barn also works with at risk youth and children who have been abused. The Barn brings in inner city kids and at risk youths to teach them positive values and build self esteem by connecting them with the abused animals. As stated on their website, "Our unique treatment philosophy rehabilitates animals and connects their stories of survival and healing to the personal experiences of at-risk and special needs children who have suffered physical, mental or emotional trauma...Through the interaction with our animals, the children learn forgiveness, courage, strength, leadership skills, trust, empathy and kindness."

Anyone can volunteer to go to the barn and help take care of the animals. You can also visit or hold parties there in exchange for a donation to the farm.

This is a beautiful example of some lovely folks building community and bringing love to all walks of life.

To learn more about The Gentle Barn visit their website at

Diablo Cody and the Red Band Trailer

Once again, Diablo Cody shows us why she is so awesome. With her new Youtube project, Red Band Trailer Cody candidly interviews celebrities, and with her humor and frankness, she gets them to open up in ways that most other celebrity journalists can't...and she has fun the whole time! Quirky skits are intermingled with the interviews, and there is never a dull moment. I love you, Diablo!

Check out Red Band Trailer's latest interview with Megan Fox:

To see more go to

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